Service Department

The Service Department is located at 6832 Hathaway Road.
The Grounds division is located at 6838 Hathaway Road.


Summer Help

The Service Department is taking applications for Seasonal summer help in the Service/Grounds Divisions. High School and College students 15 years of age and older may apply at the Clerk's Office during business hours. Applicants are subject to a drug test and physical exams before starting work. The program extends from June 12th thru August 11th, part time weekly. Deadline for applications is May 31st. Earn work experiences while earning money in your hometown. 

Rubbish Collection

Collection Schedule


Canal Road (South)                    

Strathmore Development          

Tinkers Creek Road                   



 Alexander Road  

Schreiber Road       

Remainder of Village                                


 Yard Waste                              




Maximum weight per garbage can/trash bag:    50 pounds
Garbage Can size cannot exceed 50 gallons.

On your scheduled rubbish day put out everything you want to dispose of, such as: household rubbish, appliances, hot water tanks, A/C Units and tires. Label and keep separate any paint, chemicals or oil.

Please no excessive amounts of curbside rubbish.  Call 524-1087 and schedule a dump truck/container to be spotted at your house and parked in your driveway.

  •  Place all items with your trash for pick up on your scheduled Rubbish collection day.
  • If items fit in the packer, the service department will take it on your scheduled day.
  • If not they will record your address and return for the items.

 Curbside Leaf Pick-up

  • Late September – Early December
  • All other times leaves must be in bags or cans.
  • If a holiday falls on a scheduled rubbish day your pick-up will be postponed a day.
  • Recyclables will be collected the following Friday.


  • No cans without handles
  • No 55 gallon drums or barrels
  • No loose items
  • No business or commercial rubbish
  • No rubbish from outside the village
  • Do not put rubbish out too early due to animals

Yard Waste

  • Grass clippings – place in recyclable paper bags or trash cans not to exceed 50 lbs.  Do not put them in plastic bags.  We cannot accept them that way.
  • Branches over 1 inch in diameter should be placed on the tree lawn with the cut ends toward the street.
  • Any branches under 1 inch should be bundled and tied in approximately 4 foot lengths.
  • If a contractor is hired to remove trees, branches, shrubs, etc., it is the contractor's responsibility to dispose of the material.
  • Chipping is done on Thursday.  Depending on how much is out it can carry over to Friday morning.

Recycling Guidelines

Pickup are on Friday’s and they start first thing in the morning (starting at 7:30 AM)

Remember that we are only picking up our containers.  We do not pick up anything extra next to the container.  Also, everything in the bin must be on the approved list.  For example, newspapers are on the list but the plastic bag that people are putting their newspapers in are not on the list. 

Seniors recycle bins are only being picked up at the curb, not at their house.     

Aluminum cans may still be taken to the Recycling Container behind the Fire Station to benefit Burn Victims, 

Paper and cardboard may still be taken to the Town Hall Recycling Container to benefit Cuyahoga Heights School.  All shredded paper must be in a recycleable bag.  Please do not empty the bag of shredded paper into the bin.

Plastic bags may be taken to Giant Eagle for recycling.

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